The ‘new-age’ polki jewellery for everyday wear!

Everyone is living in the present and is always looking for ways to enhance their current life via their wardrobe and styling choices, more so since the pandemic. The contemporary women of today now want to enjoy their fine jewellery selections as their second skin and want to experience the luxury of adorning them every now and then. No more do they want to dictate their choices & investments by occasions that fall not more than once or twice in a year.

We use a minimal base with a rich gold silk and inclusions of khadi cotton to enhance the richness and glory of these highly coveted styles crafted in gold. A constant effort to encourage the understanding that fine jewellery can be casual and effortless and still have the traditional royal backing

Featuring carefully curated selections from Navrattan Jewellers, based out of Greater Kailash 1 , New Delhi.

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